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A limited collection of unlimited possibilities.

“I had the need to represent, in a different way, the life at Is Molas during and after the completion of the project by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas. And, above all, I was looking for a person able to understand the "Inhabited Sculptures" by Massimiliano Fuksas and perceive how truly this experiment, to build with the elements, with the erosion of the wind and with nature, is a new form of design with ancient origins.
I believe that the meeting with Andrea Bizzotto, painter and designer of Bassano del Grappa, has led to the creation of a small work of art, perfectly representing the world of Is Molas. A favorably disposed place, full of meanings, in which you can get watching, listening, moving. Twenty Indian ink plates, unique works coloured with coffee and water colors, the colors of Sardinia. Each stroke, each brush-stroke was an emotion, like shaking from the soul the dust accumulated in everyday life.
Then the two characters born of his imagination, by chance and immediately, “Good First take!”, Mr. He, sly golf lover, a bit British a bit Sardinian, and his elegant wife Lady She.
Here a preview of the new video coming soon.”

Luigi Candida

mr. he lady she slide newsroom