land rover 2016 is molas

Is Molas Golf Week 2016

The Golf Week, the golfing highlight of the first week of August, began with the Piaggio Wibike tournament, involved an average of 150 players a day with the record of 199 golfers that have competed for the access to the Dubai final of the Land Rover 2016.

Wi-Bike Piaggio Golf Classic, Callaway Golf Cup and Land Rover Race to Dubai have been the most attended events of summer 2016 with the record of 199 players. In the photo, Arturo Frixa, general manager of Jaguar Land Rover with Marco Gnalducci winner in first cat., Maria Luce Conti in second and Lavinia Zanotti in third category, who will be with us in Dubai, with Mattia Congiu winner of the Gross and the winners of the many special prizes provided by the sponsors.
Don’t forget the next legs of Land Rover of which Is Molas is the main sponsor:

September 10, 2016 MOLINETTO GOLF CLUB (MI)
September 24, 2016 ARGENTA GOLF CLUB (FE)
22, October 23, 2016 OLGIATA GOLF CLUB (RM)

GRAND FINAL GOLF CHALLENGE from 14th to 21st  of November 2016 at the AL HAMRA GOLF CLUB.

land rover 2016 is molas